The Zajic & Juliano Realty Group lives and dies by its Values. We base our entire existence upon them, and use them to lead us in all decisions. Our Values are what we are judged upon and perceived as in the world, and as such we consider them our guiding principles.


In any of our daily activities we will always come from a position of Giving first, without any expectation of something in return. Whether it be giving advice, counsel, referrals, support, professional service, or anything of the like. 


Our capability of success is entirely dependent upon the communities and individuals we are given the privilege to serve. We shall not be given that honor unless we are also Contributing our resources in some form such as volunteering, promotion, and philanthropy. 


Simply put, always doing the right thing in an honest, fair, and responsible way. Our Integrity plays a vital role in creating a strong and credible reputation of the Zajic & Juliano Realty Group in the eyes of the world. 


We believe that those we serve are loyal to the perception and expectations we choose to put out into the world, not to us individuals. Any system, process, or brand development decision put in place will always maintain that Standard of quality today and into perpetuity. 


In the eyes of others when we make commitments we will be known amongst those we serve as an organization who keeps them. Our Accountability breeds lasting relationships, develops trust, eliminates surprises, and shows a willingness to accept responsibility.