It all started back in 2016 when John & Paul were first introduced to each other at a networking event in Rockford, Illinois….

John, a 20 year REALTOR, Real Estate Developer, and lifelong Rockfordian, met Paul an Apartment Investor, Asset Analyst, and REALTOR at the Rockford Area Economic Development Council annual meeting through a colleague they had in common at one of the local banks in the area. 

Paul was attending in hopes to meet some of the major influencers and industry leaders within the area since he was considering acquiring his next apartment asset in the resurging Rockford Metro. When he met John, and found out what he does, he immediately hit it off with him. 

Next thing you know John was the exclusive agent in helping Paul and his partner find an apartment building and after many months of searching and analyzing they were able to accomplish a closing on a 10-unit apartment building! But the relationship didn’t stop there. Come to find out, after working so closely with each other Paul & John learned that they had many of the same goals and wanted to serve and contribute to others in the same way. It only made sense to strike up a partnership!

Born was the “Zajic & Juliano Realty Group” a Team serving Home Sellers, Home Buyers, and Investors in their Residential and Commercial Real Estate needs with a Vision to become the most Trustworthy and Credible organization in the industry. 

As seasoned real estate professionals, John & Paul sincerely understand that buying or selling a personal home or investing in their first multifamily or apartment asset is more than just a transaction: It’s a LIFE-CHANGING EXPERIENCE.

John & Paul don’t much care when you sell or buy or whether or not you contract them to be your Exclusive Agents. What they care most about is making you aware of all the potential circumstances, educating you on all of the appropriate indicators, and saving you the time and money on all of the “hard knocks” lessons that John & Paul lived through over the combined 25+ years that they’ve been doing this. 

That’s why the Zajic & Juliano Realty Group is dedicated to “Giving” and “Contribution” FIRST without any expectations in return. They believe that serving others with great honesty and sincerity for the relationship is what matters most and if they maintain that philosophy, the by-product will be a loyal following who will double as the Zajic & Juliano Realty Group’s STRONGEST ADVOCATES. 

The Zajic & Juliano Realty Group will always work relentlessly on those we’re advising to help achieve their Real Estate goals. The philosophy is simple: YOU come FIRST. Z&JRG pledges to be in constant communication with our friends, colleagues, potential customers, and clients keeping them fully informed whether it be through Education, Consultation, or the Buying and Selling process. YOU are the only reason we exist, and will be the only reason we exist tomorrow.